Pollux is blogging!


We have our own section in the DVPW blog. There we regularly report on new services and developments from the FID Political Science.

The first post was published today. It is all about entries from political science research blogs, since recently more than 350 research blogs in German and English language can be found via the Pollux literature search.

Fig. Example search with filter options

Pollux now covers all important forms of scientific publication (cf. Stykow) and our users can thus research well-founded articles on current political or political science topics. The advantage of speed, however, can also be a disadvantage, since blog publications are generally subject to less careful (or no) review processes. Overall, however, research blogs are becoming increasingly important in science communication.

The blog selection will be continuously updated and modified. Suggestions for further political science blogs in German and English can be submitted via https://www.pollux-fid.de/contact or by mail to kontakt@pollux-fid.de.

We would like to thank the DVPW for the great cooperation and the opportunity to inform political science researchers about topics in the fields of literature research, open access, research data management, and science communication via their blog.

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