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The Board considers all competitive extracurricular activities--academic, artistic and athletic--an integral part of the total educational program. Competitive activities shall be under the same administration and control as the rest of the school program and closely articulated with it. Competitive activities can provide pupils with valuable experiences and opportunities. In this district, the emphasis in any competition--intramural or interscholastic--shall be on providing such experiences and opportunities rather than on producing winning teams or providing entertainment. Practice for or performance in any competitive event shall not interfere with the regular educational program. The Board shall approve all proposed interscholastic competition, either as a schedule or as a discrete event, whichever is appropriate. The Board must approve membership in any leagues, associations and conferences, and any agreements with other schools for a series of games or events. The Chief School Administrator shall approve contests of any kind between and among the schools of the district. The Board shall appoint coaches, advisors, physicians and other necessary supervisory personnel upon recommendation of the Chief School Administrator. The Chief School Administrator shall also ensure that training programs/regulations are developed for all extracurricular athletic activities and that all physical facilities involved in any competition in which district schools take part shall be adequate, safe and sanitary. Public recognition shall be given to participants in academic or artistic competitions in the same measure as to athletic competitors. The district's Affirmative Action resolution and Plan for Equity in school and classroom practices shall apply to determining eligibility for competition, approval of each competitive activity in which pupils officially represent the district, and district expenditure to provide facilities and coaches.