Article (electronic)

Introduction to "The International Legal Order and the Global Pandemic" (2020)

in: American journal of international law: AJIL, Volume 114, Issue 4, p. 571-577

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AbstractThis introduction provides an overview of thirteen essays selected in response to a worldwide call for papers for an Agora on "The International Legal Order and the Global Pandemic." The essays in the Agora consider some of the most pressing challenges, as well as potential opportunities, that COVID-19 is creating for the international legal order. The specific topics addressed include the role of international organizations such as the World Health Organization, state responsibility, human rights, financial regulation, and international trade. Contributors were invited to address the theme from a historical, institutional, doctrinal, normative, critical, or geopolitical perspective, or a mix of perspectives.




Cambridge University Press (CUP)

ISSN: 2161-7953