Die digitale Gegenrevolution (2018)

Online-Kulturkämpfe der Neuen Rechten von 4chan und Tumblr bis zur Alt-Right und Trump

in: X-Texte zu Kultur und Gesellschaft, 63


A new cultural war is raging on the internet. On one side there is the New Right (Alt-Right) that reaches from formerly obscure neo-reactionary and right-wing movements to nerdy subcultures, such as 4chan, to Milo Yiannopoulos and his mainstream audience. On the other side, however, a culture of public tribunals and demonstrative »romantic philanthropy« is hiding behind the therapeutic language of »trigger warnings« and »safe spaces«. Exploring the cultural genealogy of these aesthetics and subcultures, Angela Nagle draws parallels to former political phenomena. Her empathetic message: The permanent cultural turn - the shift of politics into cultural issues in the form of cultural wars that divide the whole society - must be stopped! This book, the English original of which has already become a bestseller, was listed as a Book of the Year 2017 by the British Guardian.