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Contributions to the forum: Unpacking the deep structures of global governance: how transnational professionals can make global governance intelligible (2014)

in: International political sociology: the journal of the International Studies Association, Volume 8, Issue 3, p. 324-342

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Fields of Global Governance: How Transnational Power Elites Can Make Global Governance Intelligible (pages 324-330) Niilo Kauppi and Mikael R. Madsen. - Knowledge Warfare: Social Scientists as Operators of Global Governance (pages 330-332) Niilo Kauppi. - The International Judiciary as Transnational Power Elite (pages 332-334) Mikael R. Madsen. - Identity Switching and Transnational Professionals (pages 335-337) Leonard Seabrooke. - The International Civil Servant (pages 338-340) Ole Jacob Sending. - Power Elites and Club-Model Governance in Global Finance (pages 340-342) Eleni Tsingou