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Internal migration: challenges in governance and integration (2019)

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Internal migration : challenges in governance & integration / Shane Joshua Barter and William Ascher -- Preventing and responding to sexual and gender-based violence in and around South Sudan's protection of civilian (POC) sites / Alicia Elaine Luedke -- How IDPs navigate the resettlement process in Bogotá, Colombia / Juan Esteban Zea -- Unsettled states : displacement, governance, and integration in the South Caucasus / Lee J.M. Seymour and Marek Brzezinski -- Competing mobilization of tribal and class identity : politics of internal migration in North India / Rumela Sen -- The political economy of special economic zones and internal displacement in India / Vineeta Yadav -- "Adopting migrants as brothers and sisters" : fictive kinship as a mechanism of conflict resolution and conflict prevention in Lampung, Indonesia / Isabelle Côté -- Displacement and reintegration in Aceh, Indonesia / Shane Joshua Barter -- Vexed returns : Vietnamese returnee interactions with home and state / Ivan V. Small.