Human rights (2008)

in: Opposing viewpoints series

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What are human rights? Human rights must be universal / Fiona Boylan, Integrated Regional Information Networks ; Human rights must be culturally relative / Jieh-Yung Lo ; We should eliminate the debate about universality and cultural relativism / El Obaid Ahmed El Obaid ; Non-Western societies have influenced human rights / Faisal Kutty -- What is the state of human rights? Globalization threatens human rights / Asian Pacific Research Network ; Globalization promotes human rights / Daniel T. Griswold ; Islamic law threatens human rights / Azam Kamguian ; Islamic law promotes human rights / Louay M. Safi ; China is abusing human rights / U.S. State Department ; The United States is abusing human rights / Information Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China -- What should be done to stop human rights abuses? The United Nations is necessary to stop human rights abuses / Silvano M. Tomasi ; The United Nations is ineffective and corrupt and does not stop human rights abuses / Joseph Loconte ; International human rights treaties are necessary to help prevent human rights abuses / Anne Bayefsky ; International human rights laws and treaties have little impact on ending human rights abuses / Jack L. Goldsmith and Eric Posner -- What human rights policies should the U.S. government follow? The United States should be a part of the International Criminal Court / Briony MacPhee ; The United States should not be a part of the International Criminal Court / Brett D. Schaefer ; The United States should intervene in Darfur / The New Republic ; The United States should not intervene in Darfur / Justin Raimondo ; The United States should not practice torture even to win the war on terrorism / Jimmy Carter ; The United States should practice torture under some circumstances / Charles Krauthammer ; The United States should ratify the treaty to protect women's rights / Working Group on Ratification of the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women ; The United States should not ratify the treaty to protect women's human rights / Janice Shaw Crouse