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Economic development strategies and the evolution of violence in Latin America (2014)

in: Politics, economics, and inclusive development

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Economic development patterns and the evolution of violence in Latin America / William Ascher and Natalia Mirovitskaya -- Violent conflict and unequal development : the case of Mexico / Judith Teichman -- The evolution of violence : economic development and intergroup conflict in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Costa Rica / Gustavo Arcia -- Violence and sectoral development in Colombia / Jennifer S. Holmes and Sheila Amin Gutierrez de Piñeres -- On the brink of violence : work, fear, and the state in the Bolivian regions / William T. Barndt -- Sowing conflict in Venezuela : political violence and economic policy / Deborah L. Norden -- Education policy and conflict in Latin America : lessons from Chile and Venezuela / Emily K. Penner -- Economic exclusion and the shifting patterns of violence in Argentina and Brazil / Peter Kingstone


Latin America, Economic policy, Economic development, Case studies, Violence




Palgrave Macmillan


9781137485014, 1137485019


xvi, 280 Seiten


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