Medien und Glaubwürdigkeit (2017)

Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven auf neue Herausforderungen im medialen Diskurs

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With the proliferation of digital information and communication technologies new, plural ways of mass distribution of verbal, textual and/or visual messages arose. Recipient's are required to find a position within the conflict of different sources of information (e.g., Twitter, blogger scene established media institutions) and with their wealth of different statements, information and representations. The result is often a field of tension between chance and excessive demands. Also the information brokers are aware of the possibility, "Mouse click" to reach large populations in a very short period of time. Social Media platforms enable campaigns of all types. A wide range of views and opinions of countless groups publicly represented without great effort and disseminated. In addition to new themes such as the role of authenticity and the dimensions of "Infotainment" and "edutainment", there are questions about the limits of this situation of the new diversity of opinion, according to reliable sources, and according to the criteria for high-quality journalism. The contributions of this volume provide an insight into the relationship between media and credibility in the age of fake news and information overload and offer information, such as the formation of a mature online public opinion of the media can be supported.


Digital live, social media, infotainment, edutainment, Digitales Leben, Soziale Medien, Infotainment, Edutainment




innsbruck university press


9783903122949, 9783903122949