Met de kennis van morgen: Toekomstverkennen voor de Nederlandse overheid (2018)

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This book is about the role and impact of future explorations
in the Dutch government landscape. It presents
a diverse range of future explorations and thus shows the broad
instruments that advisory councils and public knowledge institutions
have developed to deliver future-proof information.
The contributions in this publication are from eleven public knowledge institutes
and advisory boards that carry out future research themselves
and publishing: the Advisory Council for Science, Technology and
Innovation (awti), the Central Bureau for Statistics (cbs),
the Genetic Modification Committee (cogem), the Central
Planning Bureau (cpb), the Royal Dutch Meteorological
Institute (knmi), the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL),
the Rathenau Institute, the National Institute for Public Health
and Environment (rivm), the Social and Cultural Planning Office (scp), the
Foundation for the Future of Technology (stt) 1 and the Scientific
Council for Government Policy (wrr). On the basis of
recent explorations of the future, per chapter as a case
be elaborated will be different methods and techniques
are presented that they use to get a grip on the
future. Here insight is given into the way in which
future explorations find their way to the Dutch
political decision-making and the impact they have.


toekomstverkenning, overheid, Nederland




Amsterdam University Press


9789048540600, 9789462988477




10.5117/ 9789462988477