Intermedialität in der Komparatistik (2013)

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For over 40 years the Institute for Comparative Literature at the University of Innsbruck has focused in its teaching and research work on taking stock of the concept of intermediality and the complex relations that exist between literature and other art forms such as painting, architecture, dance, music, photography, film, performance art and digital art. Students of comparative literature studying in Innsbruck have gained insights into this field through the diverse and innovative lectures held by Klaus Zerinschek, to whom this anthology is dedicated. All of the articles were written by scholars of comparative literature or philologists active in the field of comparative literature. They address theoretical concepts of intermediality, use such concepts to carry out practical analyses of concrete artistic phenomena, or incorporate concepts of intermediality into their own artistic work. This broad range of approaches to intermediality from the perspective of comparative literature studies is also reflected in the individual contributions to this anthology. In some, literary works or the individual literary components of an intermedial hybrid form create the foundation for analysis, while other articles focus on the narrative qualities of audiovisual and/or iconic media such as dance, performance art and film. A number of contributions looking at the development of new models of intermedial theory combine approaches from the fields of culture, literature and media theory and apply them to intermedial phenomena. As a whole, the articles brought together in this anthology are impressive evidence of the kaleidoscopic diversity of research into comparative literature and intermediality.