Children after a Natural disaster: Materials for educators and tearchers. (Velino for Children-Amatrice Heartquake 2016) (2018)

in: I territori dell'educazione - Open Access

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"Catastrophes and natural disasters lead to numerous problems in the education of children and teenagers, who present as the most vulnerable subjects in the communities affected. Often, in these circumstances, adults (educators, teachers, parents) do not know how to respond to their needs, reactions and feelings. What do we need to know about childhood trauma? What answers should we give to children exposed to the effects of catastrophes (mourning, destruction, widespread fears)? What educational activities might support them in their resilience? This book, born from experiences gained in the aftermath of the Amatrice earthquake in Italy in 2016, offers paths, through guidelines and educational activities, to confront together with children and teenagers post-catastrophe situations, the return to school, the intelligent management of emotions, and the maintenance of a sense of community."