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Global norms and local action: the campaigns to end violence against women in Africa (2020)

in: Oxford studies in gender and international relations

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When and why do states implement international women's rights norms? This text examines states' responses to violence against women (VAW) in Africa and their implementation of the international women's justice norm. Despite the presence of laws on various forms of VAW in most African countries, most victims face barriers to accessing justice through the criminal justice system. This problem is particularly acute in post-conflict countries. International organizations such as the United Nations and women's rights advocates have, therefore, promoted the international women's justice norm, which emphasizes the establishment of specialized mechanisms within the criminal justice sector to address VAW. With a focus on the response of the police to rape and intimate partner violence in post-conflict Côte d'Ivoire and Liberia, this book theorizes the UN's and women's movements' influence.