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Iraq since the invasion: people and politics in a state of conflict (2020)

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"The book addresses the complex events and unexpected outcomes of military intervention by the United States and its allies in Iraq in 2003. Considering the long-term outcomes of military intervention, this volume examines economic collapse, societal disorder and increased regional conflict in Iraq. The work assesses the means by which American strategists imposed a new political order, generalising corruption, sectarian preference and ethnic cleansing, and stimulating mass population movements in and from Iraq. Mobilising a multi-disciplinary perspective, the book explores the rise and fall of Iraq's confessional leaders, the emergence of a popular movement for reform and the demands of young radicals focused upon revolutionary change. The product of years of intensive research by Iraqis and international scholars, Iraq since the Invasion considers how an initiative designed to produce "regime change" favourable to the United States and its allies brought unprecedented influence for Iran - both in Iraq and the wider Gulf region. It inspects events in Kurdistan and the impacts of change on relations between Iraq and its neighbours. The book includes a wealth of detail on political, social and cultural change, and the experiences of Iraqis during long years of upheaval that is great value to researchers and students interested in international relations, development studies and Middle East politics"--