Nationalist movements explained: comparisons from Canada, Belgium, Spain and Switzerland (2020)

in: The mobilization series on social movements, protest, and culture

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"This book examines nationalist movements in four ethnically plural countries, one of which has no previous experience of such movements at the national level. Presenting comparisons of the cases of Canada, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain, including descriptions of the social, economic and political contexts in each country, the author investigates the various determinants of each movement, shedding new light on what accounts for ethnic conflict and harmony. With attention to the degrees of equality and inequality among the various ethnic groups in each society, the extent to which these segments are fragmented and the degree to which there is internal communal integration, this volume also examines the particular roles played by political parties and resources in nationalist movements. A unique contribution to social movement theory based on important comparative analyses, this work will appeal to scholars of sociology and politics with interests in ethnic mobilization and contemporary social movements"--