Macau 20 years after the handover: changes and challenges under "one country, two systems (2020)

in: Routledge contemporary China series, 214

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""This book outlines the major social and political changes in the city of Macau during its first 20 years under the "One Country, Two Systems" arrangement with Mainland China. Despite the longstanding image of Macau as Asia's Las Vegas, it is a city that has changed a great deal since its return to China. Equally, despite this return, it retains a unique social, economic and political character, distinct both from the Mainland of China, and from its larger neighbour, Hong Kong. The chapters in this book examine the detail of this uniqueness from a range of perspectives, including the gambling industry, police-society relations, media usage patterns, and protest movements. Analysing the state of affairs 20 years after the return to China, they also attempt to anticipate its future trajectory. A valuable guide for scholars of Asian, and particularly Chinese, urban politics that will be of interest to academics and students looking to better understand the particularities of Macau.""--