Globalisation, environment and social justice (2018)

perspectives, issues and concerns

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This volume provides a comprehensive account of the connections between globalisation, environment and social justice. It examines varied dimensions of environmental sustainability; the adverse impact of globalisation on environment and its consequences for poverty, unemployment and displacement; the impacts on marginalised sections such as scheduled castes and tribes and women; and policy frameworks for ensuring environmental sustainability and social justice.The chapters build on detailed case studies from different parts of the world and deal with critical environmental issues such as global emissions, climate change, sustainable development, green politics, species protection, water governance, waste management, food production and governance besides education, inclusivity and human rights.Presenting a range of topics alongside new perspectives and discourses, this interdisciplinary book will be useful to students and researchers of political studies, sociology and environmental studies as well as policymakers and those working in the government and civil society organisations.


POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Environmental Policy, POLITICAL SCIENCE / General, Globalization, Economic aspects, Social aspects


Routledge India, an imprint of Taylor and Francis




First edition.