Chinese people's diplomacy and developmental relations with East Asia: trends in the Xi Jinping era (2021)

in: Politics in Asia series

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"As China takes up the mantle of a Global Power, its diplomatic policy has changed significantly as it assumes a role of regional leadership. Until recently, China has not tended to talk about its developmental strategy as a model for others to follow. Since the rise of Xi Jinping this has changed and the state has become more open to share its development experiences with its neighbours. This has become an important part of China's diplomatic relations with the other countries of East Asia. Beijing has also placed an emphasis on people-to-people diplomacy, with outward tourism and other exchanges of peoples seen as an important part of building stronger relations with its neighbours. The chapters in this book all address different elements of this strategy, looking at China's bilateral relationships with other East Asian countries in terms of developmental relations and the increasing mutual exposure of their citizens. This book will be of great interest to scholars of Chinese diplomacy, especially those with a particular interest in soft power"--