The gender and security agenda: strategies for the 21st century (2020)

in: Routledge studies in gender and security

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"This book examines the gender dimensions of a wide array of national and international security challenges. The volume examines gender dynamics in ten issue areas in both the traditional and human security sub-fields: armed conflict; post-conflict; terrorism; military organizations; movement of people; development; environment; humanitarian emergencies; human rights; governance. The contributions show how gender affects security, and how security problems affect gender issues. Each chapter also examines a common set of key factors across the issue areas: obstacles to progress; drivers of progress; and long-term strategies for progress in the 21st century. The volume develops key scholarship on the gender dimensions of security challenges and thereby provides a foundation for improved strategies and policy directions going forward. The lesson to be drawn from this study is clear: if scholars, policymakers and citizens care about these issues, then they need to think about both security and gender. This will be of much interest to students of gender studies, security studies, human security and International Relations in general"--