Religion and politics in Jammu and Kashmir (2020)

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"This book examines the shifting, non-linear relationship between religion, nationalism, and politics in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. In the wake of the revocation of Article 370, the state's plural and relatively harmonious society has come under multiple strains, with religion often informing day-to-day politics. The essays in this volume: Trace the formation of the political entity of Jammu and Kashmir and the seemingly secular politics of its three regions; Discuss the rise of militancy and resistance movements in the Kashmir Valley; Highlight the intersection between everyday life, nationalism, and resistance through a study of the literary traditions of Kashmir, contemporary resistance photography, and everyday communalism located in the changing food practices of Hindu and Muslim communities. Religion and Politics in Jammu and Kashmir will be an indispensable read for students and researchers of religion and politics, democratisation and democracy, secularism, sociology, cultural studies, and South Asian studies"--