Shifting transnational bonding in Indian diaspora (2020)

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"This volume examines Indian diasporic communities in various countries including the UK, Trinidad, Portugal, Netherlands, and Fiji, among others, and presents new perspectives on the shifting nature of Indian transnationalism. The book discusses how migrant communities reinforce the diaspora and retain a group identity, while at the same time maintaining a bond with their homelands; highlights new tendencies in the configuration of Indian transnationalism, especially cultural entanglements with the host countries and the differentiation of homelands; studies forces affecting bonding among these communities such as global and local encounters, glocalisation, as well as economic, political and cultural changes within the Indian state and the wider Indian diaspora. Featuring a diverse collection of essays rooted in robust fieldwork, this volume will be of great importance for students and researchers of diaspora studies, globalization and transnational migration, cultural studies, minority studies, sociology, political studies, international relations, and South Asian studies"--