The armed conflict survey, 2020: the worldwide review of political, military and humanitarian trends in current conflicts (2020)

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The Armed Conflict Survey is the annual review of the political, military and humanitarian dimensions of all active conflicts from the International Institute for Strategic Studies. It offers in-depth analysis of the drivers, dynamics and impact of 33 current wars along with detailed information on conflict parties and more than 60 full-colour maps and infographics. The Armed Conflict Survey is an essential resource for those involved in security policymaking, and an indispensable handbook for anyone conducting serious analysis of armed conflict. Key features Essays on global trends in armed conflict with a focus on armed groups and their increasingly horizontal structures, adaptability and propensity for exploiting technology. Overviews of key events and political and military developments in 2019 for each conflict. In-depth analysis of the underlying drivers and historical roots of conflicts. Expanded information on conflict parties. New timelines showing the key political and military developments of 2019. Analysis of the humanitarian, social and economic impact of conflicts. Conflict-specific trends, strategic implications and prospects for peace. More than 60 full-colour maps, tables and infographics highlighting key conflict developments and data. Key statistics on refugees, internally displaced persons and people in need. The 2020 Chart of Armed Conflict, providing an overview of conflict actors including state forces, armed groups and multinational missions to conflict and post-conflict countries.