Routledge handbook of Brazilian politics (2019)

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"With contributions from leading international scholars, this Handbook offers the most rigorous and up to date analyses of virtually every aspect of Brazilian politics, including inequality, environmental politics, foreign policy, economic policy making, social policy, and human rights. Divided into three major sections, Part One focuses on mass behavior, while Part Two moves to representation and Part Three treats political economy and policy. The Handbook proffers five chapters on mass politics, focusing on corruption, participation, gender, race, and religion; three chapters on civil society, assessing social movements, grass-roots participation, and lobbying; seven chapters focusing on money and campaigns, federalism, retrospective voting, partisanship, ideology, the political right, and negative partisanship; and five chapters consider coalitional presidentialism, participatory institutions, judicial politics, and the political character of the bureaucracy. This Handbook is an essential resource for students, researchers, and all those looking to understand contemporary Brazilian Politics"--