Routledge Handbook of Asia in World Politics (2017)

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"Asia is a complex and diverse continent, which has seen the scope and pace of transformation increase rapidly over the past thirty years. In turn, the economic growth and social change seen in the region, combined with new global security profiles and environmental challenges, have contributed to placing Asia at the forefront of international affairs. This Handbook brings together leading scholars of different disciplines, including Politics and International Relations, Security Studies and Law, to provide a comprehensive analysis of both the prospects and problems which have emerged from Asia's rise. Examining how developments across the continent have influenced global politics and how the region has responded to the international community in the modern era, the sections cover:Major actors in Asian politics, especially China, Japan and India,International relations in Asia and intra-Asian tensions, such as the 'Taiwan time bomb'Special issues of world politics in Asia including modern conflicts in and attitudes towards the Middle East.The Routledge Handbook of Asia in World Politics will be useful to students and scholars of Global Politics, International Relations and Asian Studies."--Provided by publisher.