Global Impacts of the Western School Model (2018)

Corporatization, Alienation, Consumerism

in: Sociocultural, Political, and Historical Studies in Education

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In this timely analysis of the current state of global educational policies, Joel Spring focuses on thespread of the Western school model and its impact on creating an urban-consumer culture, increasing economic inequalities, contributing to environmental destruction and diminishing compassion and empathy essential for energizing social justice movements. In his signature straightforward, concise style, Spring describes and analyzes the school's role in displacing religious with secular values, promoting nationalism, preparing students to work in global corporations, supporting cultural and linguistic homogeneity, and discusses related goals and effects of anti-globalization movements such as the Alt-right, Anti-fascist groups, radical environmentalism and anarchism. An important addition to Spring's body of work on global educational policies, this provocative book challenges readers to re-examine what they know about education, globalization and their interconnections.