Routledge handbook of policy design (2019)

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Uniting theoretical bases and advancements in practice, the Routledge Handbook of Policy Design brings together leading experts in the academic field of policy design in a pioneering effort of scholarship. Each chapter provides a multi-topic overview of the state of knowledge on how, why, where or when policies are designed and how such designs can be improved.These experts address how a new emphasis on effective policy design has re-emerged ?in public policy studies in recent years ?and ?clarify the role of historical policy decisions, policy capacities and government intentions in?promoting a design orientation towards ?policy formulation and policy-making more generally. They examine many previously unexplored aspects of policy designs and designing activities, which focus upon analyzing and improving the sets of policy tools adopted by governments to correct policy problems.?Ranging from the fundamentals of policy design and its place in greater policy studies, to new questions regarding policy design content and ?effectiveness, to contemporary design trends such as the use of digital tools and big data, the Routledge Handbook of Policy Design is a comprehensive reference for students and scholars of public policy, public administration and public management, government and business.


Comparative government, Policy sciences, Political planning, Public administration, POLITICAL SCIENCE / Reference, Management


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First edition.