К вопросу продвижения услуг учреждения высшего образования в сети интернет (2016)

in: European Journal of Management Issues, Issue 6

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Due to the development of technologies, particularly internet technologies, there appear new opportunities to promote products and services through appropriate channels of communication, such as websites, social networks, databases, various aggregators, applications, etc. The methods and tools of work with new channels of communication are designed and updated on a regular basis. Under conditions of growing competition in the market of goods and services, particularly among institutions of higher education, such marketing method as the promotion of services through internet channels becomes ever more relevant and leads to considerable economic effect when applied. The purpose of writing this article is to provide, based on the results of the study: 1) characteristics of educational services, additional educational services as their integral part as well as non-educational services of the institutions of higher education; 2) designed marketing mix for their promotion on the internet. During the study we applied the methods of system and comparative analysis, generalization and systematization. The features of educational services were considered. The range of services of the institutions of higher education was researched and the main ways to promote these services were identified, the efficiency of promotion tools on the internet was assessed. It was found during the study that the main educational services are promoted on the internet by the institutions of higher education by using websites and social networks pages. The authors also found that educational institutions have a capacity to provide a wide range of additional educational and non-educational services. It is proven that these services are not currently promoted by anyone. Based on the above, we designed a project of developing a separate website with additional services of the institution of higher education of Grodno State University named after Yanka Kupala and the algorithm of promotion of additional services of the University on the internet. The scientific novelty of the conducted research is in the proposal to study, share and develop additional services of an educational institution based on the use of the algorithm, designed by the authors, of promotion of additional services on the internet through the website. Practical significance of the performed research is in the possibility of applying the proposed algorithm to promote the services not only by the institutions of higher education, but other institutions that provide a range of essential and additional services. The confirmation of the practical significance of the study is the implementation of its results into the practical activities of the marketing and advertising department of Grodno State University named after Yanka Kupala (Belarus). Promising subject for further scientific research is to explore the efficiency of the website and the methods of its promotion, to study economic efficiency of the project of launching the website with additional services by the institution of higher education of Grodno State University named after Yanka Kupala.