Article (print)

"La Cour qui venait du froid." Les droits de l'homme dans la genese de l'Europe d'apres guerre (2005)

in: Critique internationale: revue comparative de sciences sociales, Issue 1, p. 133-146

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A product of cold war strategies as much as post-war legal & political universalist ideologies, the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights & Fundamental Freedoms (EHRC) & its institutions have gradually taken on a paramount position in European human rights law. Through the accounts given by key actors responsible for the institutionalization of the Convention & its accession to autonomy, this article shows how the rise in power of the institution can be seen as an example of the process of post-war Europeanization. Adapted from the source document.


Congresses and Conventions, Law, Europe, Freedom, War, Human Rights




Presses de Sciences Po, Paris France

ISSN: 1149-9818, 1290-7839