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Unpacking success : progressive politics and stalled gender equity at the Mitraniketan People's College (2013)

Repository: Oregon State University: ScholarsArchive@OSU


Trump, the Alt-Right and Public Pedagogies of Hate and for Fascism: What is to be Done? (2018)


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Pedagogy in poverty: lessons from twenty years of curriculum reform in South Africa (2018)

in: Routledge research in education policy and politics


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W(h)ither the radicals?:The depoliticization of English teaching (2016)

Repository: King's College, London: Research Portal


Teaching Progress: A critique of the grand narrative of human rights as pedagogy for marginalized students (2015)

Repository: Rhode Island College: DigitalCommons@RIC


Rethinking pedagogies, reform, and ideologies in secondary schooling (2011)

Repository: California State University (CSU): DSpace


From the old new republic to a great community: insights and contradictions in John Dewey's public pedagogy (2018)

in: Media and Communication, Volume 6, Issue 1, p. 34-42


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Panel Session 3b: Prison exchange psychology course; Persistent gender gaps; Progressive third parties (2015)

Repository: Digital Commons at Framingham State University (FSUDR)


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Between the Life of the Mind and the World of Action: Explorations into Consciousness, Pedagogy, Politics, and Scientific Philosophy in Adult Literacy Education (2005)

Repository: CiteSeerX


La Declaració de Moscou sobre els Drets de la Infància (1918): una aportació des de la història oculta dels Drets de la Infància ; The Moscow Declaration on the Rights of the Child (1918): a contribution from the hidden history of Children’s Rights ; La Declaración de Moscú sobre los Derechos del Ni... (2016)

Repository: RACO: Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert


Education and democratic participation: the making of learning communities (2018)

in: Progressive Education


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Innovative Learning Environments (ILE) International Conference on Innovative Learning Environments (2011)

Repository: CiteSeerX


Neoliberalism and the cultural and political dispositions and practises of millennials in London and LA: a socio-cognitive analysis (2013)

Repository: Middlesex University London: Research Repository