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PARTICIPATION IN THE OPEN METHOD OF COORDINATION: THE CASE OF THE EUROPEAN EMPLOYMENT STRATEGY From the theories on the New Modes of Governance to the practice of the Open Method of Coordination (2008)

Repository: CiteSeerX


Osmanlı idaresinden sonra Bulgaristan Türklerinin sosyo kültürel hayatı ; The socio-cultural life of Bulgarian Turks after the governance of Osmanlı (2008)

Repository: Trakya Üniversitesi: Açık Erişim Sistemi


Social Capital and Vanua: Challenges to Governance Development in a Community-Based Natural Resource Management Project in Cuvu Tikina, Fiji Islands (2008)

Repository: University of Montana: ScholarWorks


Global Energy Governance. Neue Trends, neue Akteure, neue Regeln: Die Architektur der Strukturen im Energiesektor muss uberholt werden (2008)

in: Internationale Politik, Volume 63, Issue 4


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Hur säger bolagen att de tillämpar Svensk kod för bolagsstyrning? ; How do corporations apply The Swedish corporate governance code? (2008)

Repository: Gävle University: Publications (DiVA - Academic Archive On-line)


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Kompetens, erfarenhet och engagemang i företagets styrelse : Does it effect the yearly result of the business? ; Competence, experience and engagement in corporate governance (2007)

Repository: Södertörn Univ. College: Publications (DiVA)


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Moving bioethics beyond ethics: a new role for the state?:Towards a social and political approach to the public governance of the new biomedical technologies (2007)

Repository: Digital.CSIC (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas / Spanish National Research Council)


Serving Democratic or Totalitarian Methos?: Reconciling The Last Three Decades Optimistic and Pessimistic Views on The Effects of İnformation Polity on Society and Governance (2007)

Repository: DergiPark Akademik / Turkish JournalPark Academic