Follow new publications on your research topics

Alerts draw attention to literature and datasets that have been newly integrated into the Pollux search space. Only entries that correspond to the individually defined search criteria are displayed. For example, it is possible to be informed only about new books on the subject of "Middle East conflict". In the search definition, it is possible to set filters that can, for example, limit the media type.

The advantages at a glance

  1. Easy creation from any search queries
  2. Notification about new entries in Pollux to your topics
  3. Support for the accuracy of the search query

Next Steps

  1. Log in with your Pollux account
  2. Create a search query as usual (Example search query)
  3. Use filters to optionally refine the search
  4. Select Alert from search (right below the search field)
  5. Save the alert you just created

This service is only available to registered users.