Share research data with the community

The GESIS service Archiving BASIS enables researchers in the social and economic sciences to easily and securely document, publish and share quantitative primary and secondary data.
Research data or syntaxes (code) are archived within the Archiving BASIS service under the following terms of use: Terms of use Archiving BASIS.

The advantages at a glance

  1. Storage of your files for up to 25 years (bitstream preservation)
  2. Ingest check BASIC
  3. DOI registration
  4. Form to describe your data with supplementary information (metadata)
  5. Publication of your data via our repository SowiDataNet/datorium

Next Steps

  1. Follow the link to Archiving BASIS
  2. Create an account to use the GESIS data services
  3. Use the submission form to describe your research data
  4. Archive your research data or syntaxes

Further Links


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