Digitization on demand

Digitization on demand is a free service of the Specialised Information Service Political Science (Pollux).

After examination and approval, complete and copyright-free works are transferred to the digital collections of the State and University Library Bremen and made available worldwide via Pollux.

Please note: Only complete books will be digitized, no parts or articles.

Please send your requests for digitization to kontakt@pollux-fid.de.

Digitization requests can be processed under the following conditions:

  • We digitize titles in good condition that are not yet available online via other library services and that are free of copyright claims. This will commonly be the case for titles published before 1910.
  • Unfortunately, the digitization of complete newspapers and journals is not possible.
  • If the technical possibility exists, the full text is also made available via automatic full text recognition (OCR) - in the case of blackletter / Gothic fonts, the recognition rate must be checked on a case-by-case basis.