Share qualitative research data with the community

The Research Data Center “Qualiservice” at University of Bremen enables researchers from all Social Sciences to archive their qualitative research materials (e.g. interviews, field notes, visual data) and make them available for further scientific use. Funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), Qualiservice is currently being implemented as nationwide data center for qualitative research data.

Your advantages at a glance

The next steps

  1. Find more information about Qualiservice and contact us
  2. Qualiservice advises and supports you in resource planning and in preparing your research data for archiving and sharing
  3. After signing a data transfer agreement, you securely upload your data to Qualiservice, and social science domain experts prepare them for (long-term) preservation
  4. After a final proofreading and approval by you, the research data and the study report get persistent Digital Object Identifiers (DOI)
  5. he metadata and the study report are published, and interested parties can learn about your research data and use them after signing a usage agreement

Selected Literature

Research Data Centre Qualiservice

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