More visibility for your publication on the web

Make use of the reuse rights for your publication!

For registered political scientists, Pollux offers a convenient service for the secondary publication of your manuscripts on SSOAR, the largest full-text server for the social and political sciences. SSOAR provides brief and concise information on your secondary publication opportunities and rights.

The advantages at a glance

  1. Automatic transfer of metadata for your publications from Pollux to SSOAR.
  2. Improved visibility and long-term availability of your publications on the web.
  3. Support for open access to information in social sciences.
  4. Easy compliance with funding institutions' mandates for open access through the Green Road.

Next Steps

  1. Register as a political scientist at Pollux
  2. Select the publication you want to publish from the suggestions.
  3. Make sure you have the right to reuse and in which version (pre-print, post-print, or publishing version) you can re-publish your manuscript. With the publication on SSOAR, you grant GESIS a non-exclusive right of use of your work in accordance with copyright laws. Make sure that you do not infringe on any third-party right (in particular copyrights and publication rights).
    SSOAR does not require an exclusive right of use. You can also reuse and archive your publication on other portals, repositories, or your personal Website.
  4. Follow the submission process.

Further Links

This service is available for users registered as political scientists only.