Publication in ZPol: Problems and potentials of research infrastructure funding in Germany on the example of the Specialized Information Service Political Science

May 31, 2024 11:41 AM

Research infrastructure funding in Germany, like research funding in general, is strongly oriented towards projects and dependent on third-party funding. On the one hand, this constellation offers potential, for example for technical innovations to adapt to the digital transformation. On the other hand, this basic situation also entails problems, particularly with regard to the sustainable operation of research infrastructure facilities and the major challenges of open science. This article examines this constellation using the example of the DFG-funded specialized information service (FID) Political Science – Pollux and asks what role researchers can play in the further development of the research infrastructure. (german only)

Czolkoß-Hettwer, M., Lein, P. & Mayr, P. Probleme und Potenziale der Forschungsinfrastrukturförderung in Deutschland am Beispiel des Fachinformationsdienstes Politikwissenschaft. Z Politikwiss 34, 101–122 (2024)

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