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Iberian World Empires and the Globalization of Europe 1415-1668 (2019)


`Nuevos productos atlánticos, ciencia, guerra, economía y consumo en el Antiguo Régimen¿ (P09-HUM 5330), `Globalización Ibérica: redes entre Asia y Europa y los cambios en las pautas de consumo en Latinoamérica¿ (HAR2014-53797-P), GECEM (`Global Encounters between China and Europe, a project funded by the European Research Council-Starting Grant, ref. 679371 (under the European Union¿s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, Grupo Paidi (HUM-1000): Historia de la Globalizacion: Violencia, Negociacion e Interculturalidad ; Offers a leading analysis of the expansion of the Iberian empire expansion and the impact of early globalization on the Peninsula. Offers a comparative perspective on the impact of globalization on institutional development, the political economy, and processes of state-building in Europe. Contests a prevalent, excessively-negative image of the Iberian empire, counterpoising the difficult relationship between empires and globalization and opening the debate for comparisons to other imperial formations. ; Universidad Pablo de Olavide ; Versión del editor


Imperialism, Colonialism, Global History, Iberian Empires, Economic History, Early Modern Europe, Comparative History, Proyecto GECEM




Palgrave-Macmillan / Palgrave Studies in Comparative Global History