Deliberative Diplomacy: Performing Democracy Beyond Borders (2019)

An Analysis of the American Embassy's »Going Green« Project

in: Beiträge zur Politischen Wissenschaft, 196

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Extending democratic processes beyond borders is possible, particularly in civil society settings. This research project identifies deliberative diplomacy as a promising format, a new form of public diplomacy based on deliberative discourse, i.e. relying on the force of the better argument in favor of the common global good. A comprehensive analysis of the »Going Green« sustainability school project of the Embassy of the United States of America in Berlin, Germany, provides empirical evidence. Furthermore, the analysis identifies a specific window of opportunity in transatlantic relations that allowed this new phenomenon of international democratic exchange to evolve and also elaborates on its theoretical underpinnings in democratic and IR theory. Thanks to its rare insight on the attitudes of adolescents concerning transatlantic relations, environmental sustainability, and deliberation, this book is a significant contribution to the study of deliberation and civic education. A new generation of public diplomacy has shown democratic exchange beyond borders is possible. The comprehensive empirical analysis of the Going Green sustainability school project from the American Embassy in Germany identifies this initiative as a case of deliberative diplomacy. The book furthermore elaborates on the theoretical underpinnings and identifies a specific window of opportunity in transatlantic relations that allowed this democratically promising phenomenon to evolve. Svea Burmester ist Politologin und verknüpft in ihrer Forschung demokratietheoretische Fragestellungen mit denen der Internationalen Beziehungen, insbesondere mit Arbeiten zu deliberativer Demokratietheorie, politischer Bildung und der politischen Kultur der USA. Sie wurde an der Leibniz Universität Hannover promoviert. Svea Burmester is a political scientist and researcher of international relations and democratic theory, focusing on deliberation, civic education, and American political culture. She completed her PhD at the Leibniz University of Hanover, Germany.