The Biology of Alcoholism: Vol. 7 The Pathogenesis of Alcoholism: Biological Factors

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of Volume 7 -- 1 Genetic Factors in Alcohol Abuse: Animal Models -- Animal Models in Alcohol Research -- A Quantitative Genetic Model -- Genetically Defined Populations in Alcohol Research -- Selective Breeding -- Summary -- References -- 2 Genetic Factors in Alcoholism -- Common Methodological Problems in Research on Genetic -- References -- 3 Acute Pharmacological Actions of Ethanol on the Central Nervous System -- Membranes -- Effects of Ethanol on Brain Calcium -- Membrane-dependent Neurotransmitter Activity -- Summary -- References -- 4 Ethanol and Brain Mechanisms of Reward -- Substrates of Brain Stimulation Reward -- Substrates of Drug Reward -- Interactions of Drugs of Abuse with Brain-Stimulation Reward -- Speculations -- References -- 5 Ethanol as a Reinforcer: Comparison with Other Drugs -- Intravenous Drugs as Reinforcers -- Intragastric Drug Self-administration -- Ethanol and Other Drugs as Reinforcers by the Oral Route -- Summary and Conclusions -- References -- 6 A Behavioral Analysis of the Reinforcing Properties of Alcohol and Other Drugs in Man -- Behavioral Effects of Alcohol and Drugs -- Control of Behavior by Aversive Consequences -- Substance Abuse: Similarities and Differences -- Conclusions -- References -- 7 Neurochemical Aspects of Tolerance to and Physical Dependence on Alcohol -- Definitions of Functional Tolerance and Dependence -- Factors Modulating Ethanol Tolerance Development -- Effects of Ethanol Administration on Neurotransmitters -- Neurotransmitter Receptors -- Role of Neuronal Membranes in Development of Tolerance and Dependence -- Role of Condensation Products in Ethanol Tolerance and Dependence -- Conclusions -- References -- 8 Metabolic Mechanisms in Tolerance and Physical Dependence on Alcohol -- Metabolic Tolerance -- Metabolism Mechanisms in Physical Dependence -- References -- 9 Endocrine Mechanisms in Tolerance to and Dependence on Alcohol -- Alcohol-Endocrine Interactions -- Conclusions -- References -- 10 The Relationship of Tolerance and Physical Dependence to Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Problems -- A Consideration of the Regulation of Alcohol Consumption -- Tolerance -- Physical Dependence -- Implications for Prevention and Treatment -- Conclusion -- References -- 11 Brain Dysfunction and Alcohol -- Structural Brain Damage -- Evoked Potentials -- Concluding Remarks -- References -- 12 Cognitive Deficits in Alcoholics -- Short-term Effects of Alcohol Ingestion -- Long-term Effects of Alcohol Ingestion -- Theoretical Considerations -- References -- 13 Prenatal Effects of Alcohol Abuse in Humans and Laboratory Animals -- Historical Introduction to Alcohol Abuse in Pregnancy -- Intrauterine Effects of Maternal Alcohol Abuse in Humans -- Animal Models of Maternal Alcohol Use and Abuse -- The Importance of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome to Problems of Female Alcohol Abuse -- Conclusions -- References -- 14 Amethystic Agents in the Treatment of Alcohol Intoxication -- Available Antagonists of Centrally Active Drugs -- Putative Alcohol Antagonists -- Conclusions and Recommendations for Future Study -- References.

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