Bringing up the Young with Global Values: A Psychology of Intercultural Pedagogy (2015)

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In today's seemingly globalized world, but full of rivalry between nations, races, and religions; confronted with different worldviews, ideologies, values and interests; the chances of peaceful co-existence seem to be rare. This work however envisages possible coexistence through a pedagogical approach of. Today's global challenges have prompted the call for global values despite the heterogeneity of humanity. The prospect for such values must begin with a kind of 'value-mental-set', aimed at uniting the different kinds of humanity irrespective of colour, race, language, culture, religion or nationality of the individual. The route to the "promised Land" calls for human solidarity based on sustainable justice, partnership and friendliness; which takes cognizance of gender as well as intergenerational solidarity. Every child, as the human survival guarantor, in his identity- development and dignity must be taken on board and equipped with a mental-set to 'live and let live' - encapsulated in an intercultural pedagogy of recognition and respect.