Legal aspects of public procurement (2020)

in: Cornerstones of public procurement

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"According to the United States Census Bureau, American state and local governments spend roughly $3.5 trillion dollars annually fulfilling the community and governmental needs of the public procurement function. Designed to provide a strategic overview of the policy, legislation, and program oversight of public procurement, Legal Aspects of Public Procurement, Third Edition provides a glimpse into the relationships between the legal, ethical, and professional standards of public procurement, outlining not only the interconnections of federal, state, and local law but also best practice under comprehensive judicial standards. The book addresses the ever-changing legal structures that work in conjunction and define the public procurement profession, providing recommended guidance for how practitioners can engage in the function while staying ethically aligned. Instead of trying to address every issue at the heart of public procurement, however, the book seeks to establish the history and spirit of the law, outlining how practitioners can engage proactively and willingly to not only perform their function but to also become advocates for procurement law modernization. While the basic structure of this third edition remains the same, new chapters have been added to cover the legal aspects of competitive sealed proposals and contract administration. In addition, a chapter on procurement of information technology has been revised and updated to better relate to an increasingly digital world. Promoting a start-to-finish guidance of the procurement process, Legal Aspects of Public Procurement explores the relationships between solicitation, proposals, contract administration, and the cutting-edge aspects of technology procurements, providing a theoretical and case-study driven foundation for novice and veteran practitioners alike"--