International humanitarian ngos and state relations (2018)

politics, principles and identity

in: Routledge humanitarian studies series

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International Humanitarian NGOs and State Relations: Politics, Principles and Identity examines the often discordant relationship between states and international non-governmental organisations working in the humanitarian sector. INGOs aiming to provide assistance to populations su?ering from the consequences of con?icts and other human-made disasters work in the midst of very politically sensitive local dynamics. The involvement of these non-political international actors can be seen as a threat to states that see civil war as a state of exception where it is the government's prerogative to act outside 'normal' legal or moral boundaries. Drawing on ?rst-hand experience of humanitarian operations in contexts of civil war, this book explores how the relationship works in practice and how often clashing priorities can be mediated.


Economic development, International agencies, BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Industries / General, Political aspects


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