Global studies. Volume 1, Globalization and globality (2020)

in: China perspectives

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Since the 1950s, globalization has been an increasingly irresistible trend and one that has exerted a tremendous impact on the political, economic, military, environmental, and social fortunes of mankind ⁰́₃ and yet, the existing theories in humanities and social sciences have been fundamentally built upon the traditional ⁰́₋nation-state⁰́₊ model. These two volumes, a pioneering work on global studies to be published out of China, aims at creating a new theoretical framework against the backdrop of globalization. This volume introduces core concepts and critical issues, deploying globalization as a theoretical framework and redefining the interrelationship between politics, economics,law, and globality. The two volumes are an essential reference for scholars and students in politics, economics, international relations, and law.