Sampling (2012)

in: Wiley series in probability and statistics

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"The Third Edition retains the general organization of the prior two editions, but it incorporates new material throughout the text. The book is organized into six parts: Part I covers basic sampling from simple random sampling to unequal probability sampling; Part II treats the use of auxiliary data with ratio and regression estimation and looks at the ideas of sufficient data, model, and design in practical sampling; Part III covers major useful designs such as stratified, cluster and systematic, multistage, and double and network sampling; Part IV examines detectability methods for elusive populations, and basic problems in detectability, visibility, and catchability are discussed; Part V concerns spatial sampling with the prediction methods of geostatistics, considerations of efficient spatial designs, and comparisons of different observational methods including plot shapes and detection aspects; and Part VI introduces adaptive sampling designs in which the sampling procedure depends on what is observed during the survey. For this new edition, the author has focused on thoroughly updating the book with a special emphasis on the first 14 chapters since these topics are invariably covered in basic sampling courses. The author has also implemented new approaches to explain the various techniques in the book, and as a result, new examples and explanations have been added throughout. In an effort to improve the presentation and visualization of the book, new figures as well as replacement figures for previously existing figures have been added. This book has continuously stood out from other sampling texts since the figures evoke the idea of each sampling design. The new figures will help readers to better visualize and understand the underlying concepts such as the different sampling strategies"--


Stichprobe, Sampling (Statistics)






0470402318, 9780470402313


XXI, 436 S.


3. ed.