Webinar: Introduction to Polit-X

January 30, 2024

On 27.2.2024, 11 a.m. we are offering a 60-minute (german speaking) webinar in cooperation with Polit-X.

In Polit-X you can search political documents in full text at state, federal and European level according to the search interest. In addition, various other features offer the possibility to carry out analyses, track processes and, most recently, an AI-based summary of documents, which makes work easier in political monitoring.

In the webinar you will be introduced to the functionalities of Polit-X, in particular to our AI-based functions. You will be shown how the tool can be used in a scientific context.

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In order to use Polit-X free of charge, you need a Pollux PLUS account. This is for researchers who are employed in the field of political science at universities and non-commercial research institutions in Germany. For a Pollux PLUS account You can register here.


Archiving and sharing qualitative, sensitive research data from political science research: The research data center Qualiservice.

January 25, 2024

from Paula Lein

Qualitative political science research data is generally sensitive and is often based on a close relationship of trust between researchers and research participants. For example, participation in research projects in authoritarian regimes and the resulting personal research data are associated with particular risks for the research subjects. At the same time, however, this research data is rich, unique and often generated in research fields that are difficult to access. For this reason, long-term archiving that also enables subsequent scientific use should be considered on a regular basis - even if a large proportion of the material cannot be made fully accessible to the public for legal and/or ethical reasons. In order to protect research participants, high standards for archiving this research data and special protective procedures are therefore necessary. If researchers want to make their sensitive data available for scientific re-use, they need an appropriate archiving environment, which Qualiservice provides as part of the Specialized Information Service (FID) Political Science - Pollux.

You can find the whole article in the DVPW-Blog (German only)

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