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TOP - Transitions and Old Age Potential: Data and Methodology Report for the Second Wave of the Study (2017)

in: BiB Daten- und Methodenbericht, Volume 3-2017

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The follow-up survey for the Transitions and Old Age Potential (TOP) study took place from November 2015 until February 2016. Of the 3,897 the willing respondents from the first wave of 2013, three years later interviews were completed with 2,501 persons. In content, the second wave of TOP focuses on the transitions to retirement, the realization of activity intentions, particularly on the labor market, as part of a multi-stage model of action as well as on the changes in the potentials of older adults over the course of time. Like the first wave, the follow-up survey was also conducted by the Umfragezentrum Bonn (uzbonn) on behalf of the Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB). In addition to measures for reducing the bias from panel mortality and for increasing coverage, longitudinal weighting methods were used that, among other aspects, adjusted for selective response probabilities in the second wave.